Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired

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Attempting to be  “devil’s advocate” I did a Google search on the Medical Medium. I found several articles claiming that he is a scam artist. They gave their reasons. Some being: he charges too much for his services, he pushes supplements that he gets a kickback from, he’s not a medical doctor and there is no way he gets his “readings” from a higher power. These are the reasons that stood out to me the most. 

He charges too much: Do you know how much money I’ve spent going from doctor to doctor? How much money I have spent on  medication after medication to no avail? The yearly salary that is no more because I am unable to work everyday? I never know what kind of day it is going to be and employers don’t look too kindly on that, “I’m having a bad day” call, and rightfully so.  Oh yes, many of you do understand because you are  in the same boat. I have invested about $50 in the MM’s books. Oh and little over $100 for a juicer. I’m ok with that. Honestly, most of the information in the books is available on his website or podcast. I just like to hold books, mark them up and dogear them like crazy!

Supplements & Kickbacks: Do your own research on the supplement that you are interested in. He does give a great explanation of each supplement he recommends and what it does. I found this very helpful in the event that in the future I want to try a supplement or two. I know many people who swear by their supplement of choice. They can’t be any worse for us than we are prescribed daily without a batted eyelash. And kickbacks, come on now! Isn’t that the way the world works these days? Sad but true. Big pharma and politics?

Not a medical doctor and has no training: Honestly, I don’t care. I have a great General Practitioner, whom I trust. I also have a dear friend that’s a doctor that I trust as well. That’s about it. WHY? I have had two brain surgeries that were botched. A third to fix the first two that lifted my brain out of my spinal cord. So far so good on that one. Those first two surgeons, my friends, were touted as some of the best in the country as well as specialists in Chiari Malformation. BS and I was too young and dumb to research like I would today. I have had an otolaryngologist, again once of Baylor Medicines brightest, tell me that I have one of the worse case of Meniere’s Disease that he has seen and unfortunately there is nothing that can be done for it.  He did suggest destroying my inner ear on the affected side but in the same breath suggested it wasn’t a good idea. He didn’t know if it would relieve my vertigo and tinnitus. He also didn’t know if doing that invasive treatment would make my balance better or worse. Thanks but no thanks. My personal opinion and I think you can see why, is that docs are good for basic malodies but God forbid you have a malformed skull. You’re screwed. So no medical training doesn’t really bother me. He is offering nutrition and diet information. He isn’t operating on my brain. Take what you want and leave the rest alone.

He can’t gets his readings from a higher power: I am a Christian and believe that God is the utmost high power and that salvation is through Jesus’ blood alone. I won’t push that belief on anyone. But who am I to say that there aren’t individuals with gifts? How do you explain people who claim to be empaths? I can’t and find it fascinating. What about those who claim to have physic abilities and use these abilities to help investigators in their crime investigations. There are documented cases of this. There are many other examples but you get the idea. So, while I will say that “Spirit” is a hard pill to swallow, I will keep an open mind without compromising my beliefs.

BOTTOM LINE: Look, we all know that the crap we put in our mouths is poison, yet we keep doing it, myself included. I did quit drinking diet drinks years ago because of the studies and reports that were made readily available to the public.

Toxins are everywhere. Good lord, I shudder to think what toxins are in the lake water that I catch Crappie and Catfish from. I fertilized my yard and plants the other day without questioning what I was putting on my yard, what I was ingesting or coming into physical contact with. MSG, gluten, aspartame and the list goes on. The truth is folks, it is hard to be healthy. Processed foods make the hectic lives we live more doable. Having fresh fruits and veggies on hand is time consuming and expensive. Researching and  knowing what supplements to take and for what can be an exhausting experience. And let’s face us, who among us doesn’t like a nice juicy Whataburger? For you folks that don’t live in Texas that is a hamburger franchise exclusive to the Lone Star State.

We can’t completely rid our lives of the things that are poisoning us but I think we can do a much better job than we are doing. Scratch the WE – I know I can. One thing I’ve learned is that I can’t tackle it all at once. This unhealthy lifestyle I lead didn’t happen overnight. I’m not going to fix it overnight either. Baby steps!

I am on the quest of finding healing foods and spices and adhering to a much more plant based lifestyle while exercising the way my body can handle. My exercise of choice lately is Yoga.

Look, the MM books, if nothing else have given me a starting point.

If you are skeptical, I get it. Do your own research. Buy other books. Try and try again until you find what works. I intend to continue sharing my journey with other people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.

Keepin’ it wonky,




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