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I learned to crochet when I was a little girl. My granny taught me. I had no way of knowing this skill would get me through some of my stormiest days years later. I will forever be grateful for the time she invested in me.

My Granny will be 94 this month. She is sporting a beanie I crocheted for her.

Chiari Malformation and Meniere’s Disease most definitely wreak havoc on ones’ day to day.

Looking lovely a few weeks before or after my third brain surgery. I’m really not sure.

Learning to cope isn’t easy. Needless to say, the last 15 years have been challenging. Some sunny days, lots of sunshine in fact. Some stormy days. Some tornadic days. It’s funny how if you’re not careful, the stormy days will cast dark shadows swallowing up the sunshine, your sunshine. 

Crocheting is my therapy, if you will. Physical and mental yarn therapy. 

The skillful maneuvering of the hook with one hand, while holding the yarn with other is helpful in keeping motor skills sharp. Chiari tends to diminish motor skills. I experience this on a low to medium level, depending on the day. Crocheting is my therapy.

Counting stitches and remembering a particular stitch for a project provides a challenge for anyone. Add a crowded brain and a spinal fluid blockage and well, it’s not always pretty. Chiari tends to affect short term memory. I experience this on a relatively high level depending on the day. Luckily, the basic technique of crocheting was emblazoned on my wonky brain all of those years ago and stored in my long term memory. That knowledge shouldn’t be going anywhere. Fingers crossed. Crocheting is my therapy.

The sense of accomplishment I feel upon completing a project is a moral booster for sure. The ability to take a few skeins of yarn and create one of a kind pieces is most satisfying. Crocheting is my therapy. 15590381_10202479285618901_1374456719374665504_n

Creating unique items for friends and family is delightful. Being commissioned to create is almost intoxicating. Ok, maybe not intoxicating but man oh man, it feels really good to know that folks value and appreciate your work. Crocheting is my therapy.

Heck, crocheting gives me an outlet when I can’t sleep, which is often. I average 3 1/2 hours of shuteye a night. One can only watch so much Netflix and news. Crocheting is my therapy.

I found this article from The Craft Yarn Council to be of particular interest. Scientific evidence is available touting the neurological benefits of one little hook and some yarn. Crocheting is my therapy.

Yesterday, I stumbled across a book that peaked my interest. I went ahead and ordered it. I’m anxiously awaiting its’ arrival. Crochet Saved My Life  by Kathryn Vercillo includes testimonies from individuals who claim that “handmade heals.” Crocheting was their therapy.

If you have a wonky brain like mine, strongly consider learning to crochet or knit. It will be challenging at first but I assure you the challenge will be beneficial in the end. If you are without said wonky brain and struggle with relaxing, crocheting is the antidote.


“Her fingers work steadily, flicking the yarn – a light lavender in some places, nearly plum in others – around a small golden crochet hook and drawing it secure through a loop made a moment before.” – Jaclyn Shambaugh



    • I’m not gonna get rich but yep, it keeps me pretty busy. Let me know when you want that “banjo cozie!”

    • That’s a story I’d love to hear. Have you written a blog post on that? Thankful for your Gram!

  1. God’s Golden Glow
    As a child growing up I had always felt a void. It was an empty black void. Growing up in “different circumstances” I had been taught by one parent that everything that happened bad was because of God. So my perception of God was hate. I had grown up grumbling at Him hating Him and myself. Thinking that everything that was happening to me …was because of Him. It seemed as though I were always being “punished” and I couldn’t figure out why.

    As a teenager I became promiscuous-had an eating dis-order-drank and did drugs. I tried desperately to fill that void with these things only to be right back where I started-empty and full of void and lonely. I compare it to how the world must have been before God made it. EMPTY-BLACK-LONELY-FULL OF VOID-black is not even a descriptive enough word for depression. I had so much hate on my heart towards life and God and had attempted suicide twice. Some say if you really want to kill yourself you can. That’s not always true-I was a teenager and did NOT know how. I knew I wanted out of my misery though.

    I had been on anti-depressents and found all they did was make me loopy they NEVER took the depression away. So I would stop taking them thinking okay-this IS the way it is and I am going to have to live through it. I learned to just get through life. So I dealt with it on my own. Some days I would just shut down. I would work and then come home and not talk to anyone for days. I would have days that I was extremely high or extremely low-there was no “happy medium”. (I was never diagnosed bi-polar but do believe that is what I would have been diagnosed with.)

    On July 28, 1986 at the age of 20 I gave birth to my oldest son I looked at him after he was born and cried and thought, “THERE HAS GOT TO BE A GOD-A GOOD GOD! This little baby is such a miracle-he didn’t come from nowhere!” That was the thought I had and left it at that. That was also the first KIND thought I had towards God. Shortly after the gepression settled back in to my every being.

    As time went on I found myself pregnant with my second child.

    One night I had gone to bed. I was in a deep state of depression, Suicide was now the only way I saw to escape….as I lay there in the dark with my oldest baby in his crib at my feet-pregnant-I began to weep-I couldn’t quit-I was trying to figure a way to escape from the dark-to end it all. Then all of a sudden I rememberd someone that had been in my life. She loved the Lord with all her heart. She would insist to me that He was good as I would watch things “bad” happen to her. When she lost her only daughter (someone that was a good friend of mine- that was the love of her life and mine) she STILL thought God was great! I could not understand that! I went to her and asked her “do you still love God?”. She said ,”Yes. My heart is broken but HE is still good.” I flat out told her “I am TIRED of this God and I have had enough” and left.” I thought “She is nuts”! I wasn’t able to comprehend how she could love a “bad” God that kept inflicting pain on her heart. I had remained close to her and loved her as I had become her substitute daughter. While in the midst of being broken hearted and weeping I had remembered this special lady and how much she loved the Lord and in a last ditch effort I cried to Him. Not thinking He would hear me or that He would care about me because so many times I screamed at Him and blasphemed Him-and cursed Him-WHY SHOULD HE LISTEN TO ME? I thought as I wept uncontrollably. I said “God, I don’t know if you are there-I don’t know if you care or know who I am-BUT I CAN’T TAKE ANOTHER DAY OF BLACK-I CAN’T TAKE ANOTHER DAY OF LONELINESS I CAN”T TAKE….” Then bam out of no where came a glow- I call it God’s Golden Glow now-it started at the top of my head and washed threw my whole body to the end’s of my toes! It was a PEACE! A peace I had never-ever known! I was stunned-I KNEW it was a peace from God-I had been so hateful to Him and people in my life and there He was when I didn’t even deserve to be listened to by Him!! He didn’t let me kill myself! HE SAVED ME FROM LITERAL DEATH! WOW!

    I have learned alot since that day and it has taken me many years to come to the knowledge that we rest in what God has already done for us. We love the Lord and keep the faith no matter what! Just as that special lady had done so many years ago! I know now how she did that. I NEVER EVER thought I would know that day! I believe this special lady was placed in my life for a reason-God placed her there under “different circumstances”. HE knew because of her faith in Him He would save me from MURDERING myself and my only daughter one day….I do not believe people are in our lives by chance-God has shown me He does the placing of those people. Could it happened from some one else in my life if she hadn’t of been part of it? Maybe? But that’s not how He chose to work it! I learned FAITH in Jesus and what He did for us for our eternity is the best depression medication ever-it’s free and no withdrawals

    I THANK GOD He so graciously let me live that day. Alot of things have happened since-some bad-some good. He has shown me it is easy to get through those things because they are “BUT FOR THE MOMENT..” compared to an eternity with Him.

    I leave you with these 2 verese of scripture that I didn’t even know that dark day:

    1) Psalm 53 :1-The fool hath said in his heart, There is no God. Corrupt are they, and have done abominable iniquity: there is none that doeth good.”

    (This was me- a fool-a LONELY DARK FOOL)

    2) Psalm 138:3-In the day when I cried thou answeredest me, and strengthenedst me with strength in my soul.

    (This is me now!)


    To who ever reads may you feel God’s Glorious power that He can give such a deep dark heart!

    LOVE- The wretch He saved!!
    Dear Julie-
    This is my testimony- I had to be careful with this because even though my Gram and her daughter ate no longer on earth there are others that this might hurt their feelings-
    Her daughter was my step mom and my Gram was my “step Gram” but I loved her a lot!!!

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