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My ‘ole girl is slowly winding down. If you asked me a week ago if I thought Nana would still be around today, I would’ve said no. Whether it be by natural causes or at the end of a decision made by her family. 

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Taking care of old dogs is tireless. It will be costly. It will be full of heartache. I owe it to my ‘ole girl to lose sleep, spend some money and endure the heartache. Afterall, she hasn’t left my side for more than fourteen years.

Last Monday, I bundled Nana up and headed off to Dr. Kim’s in New Waverly. I had already spoke to Stuart, Corey and Casey. I let them know that I was sure the outcome was going to rip our hearts out. I promised I would bring Nana home so everyone could love on her a one last time.

The twenty-five minute trip to New Waverly proved to be one of the longest twenty-five minutes I’d experienced in a good while. I had no idea what I was facing. I told myself I would be tough and that no tears would be shed. Empty promises, as the tears rolled down my cheeks the minute my tires hit that crushed white rock.


It’d been awhile since Nana and I had visited Dr. Kim. With Nana swaddled in her pillow, we were welcomed with the warmest of welcomes. I checked her in and we waited.

Within just a few minutes the sweetest, most soft spoken young lady named Megan called us back. As I started explaining what brought us to them in the first place and my tears had nowhere else to go but down my cheeks yet again. Megan asked me a few more questions and said Dr. Kim would be in shortly.

Dr. Kim. What a woman. She is a kind hearted and caring. Traits visible in her eyes the minute that you are in her midst. This was not my first encounter with Dr. Kim, but it was proving to be the most important one to date. Together we would decide what was best for my ‘ole girl.

After a short examination of Nana, Dr. Kim just listened to me. Straining to get my words out, I explained that Nana was showing signs of being in pain. I explained that Nana had been by my side after three brain surgeries and that although I didn’t want to lose her and I owed it to her to make sure she never suffered. I knew Dr. Kim had heard stories like mine many times but you would have never known it. She just listened. Her eyes a testament to her compassionate heart. Eyes never lie. unnamed (1)

Dr. Kim is an optimistic realist. Acknowledging the fact that my ‘ole girl is a few months shy of fifteen, she explained that there was a few things we could try and then reassess after a few days. Some blood was drawn for basic testing, results would be in the following day.

Dr. Kim sent us home with pain medication and a little something to help Nana sleep at night, as she has been experiencing symptoms that led me to believe she has Sundowners. I truly had no idea that dogs could get dementia or Alzheimer’s. On top of the medication, Dr. Kim suggested that I try putting Nana in a Thunder Shirt and change her dog food to Bright Minds for aging dogs. Done and done.

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Nana responded well to the pain medication. Later Monday evening, she wasn’t walking as stiff as she had been and the whimpering had stopped. However, the anxiety medication just didn’t cut it. She was still restless as soon as the sun went down, all night and into the early morning hours.

I called Megan as soon as the clinic opened Tuesday morning figuring it would be best to fill her in before they called me with the lab results.

Nana’s blood work results were what one would expect of a geriatric Yorkie. Nothing alarming. This was good news. Dr. Kim prescribed a different medication for the evening and here we are almost a week later.

I love her so that I was contemplating putting her to sleep a week ago. Suffering is not an option for my ole girl. The selfish part of my heart said keep her around as long as possible.

Dr. Kim made both of those things a possibility. Nana is not in pain and we get to keep her around a little longer. We know in our hearts that she has outlived her Yorkie expiration date. We are just happy she is comfortable, even spunky at times.

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There will come a time when Dr. Kim and I have to have another talk. I dread that day. That being said, I couldn’t imagine having that discussion with any other professional.

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If you’re in the New Waverly vicinity and are in search of a veterinarian, the obvious choice is Dr. Kim. When Nana was a puppy, we used other local vets, so I do have others to compare her to.

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If you visit Dr. Kim, I am sure you will find in her the qualities that I appreciate. Over the years, I’ve come to know that Dr. Kim doesn’t request unnecessary tests or procedures. She shoots straight and offers fair and affordable care for her patients. Above all, she cares.

Dr. Kim, if you’re reading, thank you for giving us the means to spend a little more time with our ‘ole girl. Seeing Nana bright-eyed with glimpses of youth is one of the best gifts that my family could have ever received. Thank you.

This is the link to Dr. Kim’s webpage. Veterinary Hospital of New Waverly

Disclosure: This is not a paid review or advertisement. This is a heartfelt honest opinion acknowledging a caring vet, an amazing staff and a local business that I feel are more than worthy.  






  1. Julie, this is a beautiful story of you and Nana and of Nana and Dr. Kim. We the Dibbles have yet to have any pet. Most of the four of us want a dog. Waiting and praying for the right time. Thank you for helping me see what a huge part of the family pets become.

    • Julie, I could never explain the impact this little dog has had on our family or on me personally. It’s crazy that something so small could capture the hearts of four people the way she has. I’m not going to lie, having her has been time consuming. There are times we have opted out of vacations because we couldn’t take her and boarding her isn’t an option. Not because we weren’t willing but because she would make herself sick with anxious behavior if we left her. I’ve asked myself lately if I would have another when the day comes. I’m not sure. I will say, I can’t imagine a life without a furry companion by my side. Maybe it’s just that I can’t imagine it without the current furry companion by my side, I don’t know. Keep praying, I know you will make the right decision. That being said, I’m not sure there is ever a right time. You could talk yourself out of it a thousand times over.

      • Thank you Julie. I know I probably have already talked myself out a couple hundred🤔🐕finances and vacations are the biggest issues. Think my husband and I are flying to Montana next Spring, leaving the kids with inlaws (prayerfully).

  2. Amy Stover she is awesome she is the vet that my mother in law uses and she has a similar story about Dr. Kim and my mother in laws schnauzer!!! She is definitely in the right profession she’s kind and loves animals!!!

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