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20161122222445-GettyImages-534320056Howdy y’all!


I have had numerous people ask me about advertising space on “Ramblings of a Wonky Girl.” Others have asked if I will do a product review. If you are interested in either, please keep reading.

LOGO-3-647x395If you’re a small business owner looking for affordable advertising with a personal touch, I’m your girl.

For $25, I will run an advert for your business on my blog sidebar, create a personalized bio and and give you two shoutouts between August 15 – September 15.

If that offer intrigues you, please email me at I will email you back a proposal, payment information and a list of short questions for you to answer, in order to help me compose your bio.

If you would like to see what a bio looks like, please visit “WG” Supporters.

You will find bios for graphic designer and mural artist Haley Sellers at Rollin’ Out Design. You can get up close and personal with one of my favorite realtors, Stacy Ferro. If you are looking to talk to someone about sustained energy and feeling better in general, check out Beth Fleming’s product, Thrive. Are you looking for an amazing tooth whitening product? I can honestly say that Alisha’s AP 24 Whitening Toothpaste will do exactly what it promises. I have been using the product for almost a month and am completely satisfied.


Currently, “Ramblings of a Wonky Girl” is getting over 7,000 page views a month. I’m proud to say it’s gaining new followers daily. biztalk360-employee-welfare-benefitsI’m working hard to build a social media presence. I am currently posting to and active on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. I am slowly starting to utilize Pinterest as well. As I promote my blog, your product or small business will be promoted as well.

Thanks to those of you who took the leap with me from the get go. I appreciate you taking this journey with me. To those of you who have asked me about advertising or a product review, I look forward to working with you. many-thanks

Have a fantastic Saturday! Get out and support a local or small business!

Keep it wonky y’all!


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