Rock Bottom – Part 6 (The Big Picture)

By February, the worst was behind me and the best was yet to come.

Not to toot my own but I think I am a pretty decent teacher. “Toot, toot.” But God wasn’t ready to use me yet. He was preparing my heart for something BIG. A role that I would not have been ready to play had it not been for my rock bottom status. It all started making sense.

In late February or early March of last year, I started substitute teaching at a small Christian private school.  It felt amazing to be back in the classroom. I was created to teach. I wholeheartedly believe that.

I spent a few days with a team that included 5th and 6th graders. Unbeknownst to me, one of the teachers on that team was seriously considering retiring but struggling with that decision. At some point during that stent of substituting, the teacher who felt  retirement was eminent, pulled me aside and told me that she felt that  could retire because she knew felt she could leave her kids with me. Earlier, I mentioned to her that I really wanted to get a teaching job at the school. What a compliment. She was who I considered one of the Covenant matriarchs. I was getting her blessing.

She tendered her resignation. I was interviewed for her position. Then I waited.

In late April, I was offered the teaching job.

I continued to substitute the remainder of the school year. Relationships were forged with faculty and students making the following August more comfortable, for the most part.

After many lense adjustments, the big picture was coming into focus. researchers-invent-a-camera-with-no-lens-that-is-never-out-of-focus  Rock bottom, a brain lift, resignation from a 13 year career, a botched hysterectomy and everything in between, preparation.

Our response to a blurred lense is where the magic happens. Looking back, I see how each of the “milestones,” for lack of better words, was preparation for my soul. Up until this moment I have only thought about how my end played out. This morning, I’m thinking about all of the other factors. The other people that were affected by my response.

I really started thinking about the decisions that other people make and how they affect us. Think about the choices we make every day. Had Mrs. Killian decided not to retire, I wouldn’t have been placed right where I needed to be in August. She was prayerful in her decision. She sought guidance.

I’m not going to lie, all of my decisions aren’t bathed in prayer as they should be. I’m human. I make fly by the seat of my pants decisions all of the time. The milestone decisions I had to make were, however drenched in prayer. The next year would be life changing.

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