A Pizza Lady and Two Pranksters

These two kids of mine where forever dressing up. A ballerina, unnamed (9)Elvis, cowboy gangsters or “little people” to name just a few of the alter egos they assumed over the years. unnamed (10)

One of the funniest memories I have during our worst of times includes a pizza lady, a prank and ok, some prodding from yours truly.

My lil pranksters were dressing up one day. Nothing out of the norm as I already mentioned. Sadly, I only have one picture of Corey on this day. unnamed Clearly, I was slackin’. The two of them had decided to wear their daddy’s clothes while standing on their knees. Their knees, cradled in a pair of their daddy’s shoes. The position of the shoes, giving the appearance of two very short-legged, vertically challenged people.

When they beckoned me to come see their latest alter egos, I couldn’t stop laughing. Don’t judge me for what followed. I prodded, ok, dared them, to stand by the end of the driveway and wave to people as they drove by. Always up for a humorous challenge, they obliged. Parenting at its’ finest folks!

The neighbors fed their inner comedian, honking and waving as they creeped by slowly, looking and laughing.

After awhile, we decided to take the “stage” to a new level, so to speak. It was around dinner time. I ordered a pizza and we waited. What I’m sure was only about 30 minutes seemed like an eternity, with both of my little pranksters getting ancy.

Finally, the knock on the door that we had been waiting for. They hurriedly got into place and I opened the front door, their curtain for the evening. They stood on their knees shoulder to shoulder. Corey had the money in his hand.

As soon as the door opened, I fully expected to hear a giggle, or maybe a squeal, possibly a snicker. What happened next was anticlimactic, to say the least.

On the other side of the door stood a frazzled, older lady with our dinner in hand. Folks, she mumbled how much we owed, grabbed the money from Corey and handed him the pizza box, turned around and walked off. She didn’t miss a beat. The three of us looked at each other in disbelief with hearts full of disappointment. We just knew whoever answered the door would laugh as much as we had been.

Thankfully, neither was damaged emotionally by the defeat. I hope you realize I am saying that in gest. unnamed (8)

I didn’t see a teachable moment at the time. Blinded by disbelief I guess. Eighteen or so years later, I wish I would have thought to say, don’t let this moment keep you from using your imagination and always have the courage to laugh at yourself. 

Honestly, lack of  imagination or laughing at oneself isn’t a problem too many kids face, so the teachable moment would have probably fell on deaf ears. Maybe the teachable moment is the here and now as I reminiscence. Do I take myself and life in general too serious these days? Do I need to dust off my the imagination segment of my brain? That which has laid dormant for awhile. When was the last time I really laughed at myself?  unnamed (7)

If like me, you get caught up in the day to day of life, you might be asking yourself the same questions.

Being an adult has the ability to suck the imagination and laughter right out of us at times. The key is to be aware of the “sucking.” I’m not advising you to throw caution to wind and take on a Peter Pan approach to life. No responsible adult can afford that luxury. However, we can vow to take ourselves, life and all that entails less serious every now and then. We can take a breather, if  you will. I think we’d all be better humans for it. Surround yourself with those willing to let you create an alter ego and play dress-up, and who will participate in your shenanigans and laugh with you all the while.

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