Think “Outside the Big Box” Retailers

80cf28e7667eb36b347a1fe9b978c881I absolutely love supporting local and small businesses. In an attempt to help grow the “support small business” mentality, I am partnering with businesses offering them affordable monthly advert banner space on the blog sidebar, a bi-weekly “shout-out” newsletter via blog post, as well as a personal post on the “WG Supporters” page.

By supporting one of my sponsors you are giving back to your community or the community of the business owner versus a chain retailer. Buying local or from a small business allows you to feel the satisfaction derived from supporting another person’s dream. You not only  have a personal investment in the business owner but the economy of the towns that house the businesses whether online or a brick and mortar location. Through the support of people like you and me, successful small businesses are able to provide opportunities for others in their community. 7092a7ceacfbabdefead28cf46634d4f

I truly believe that small business owners are able to provide a more personal sales experience in contrast to the experience of shopping the big chain stores. It’s no secret that you are also provided much better customer service at the local or smaller level.

320645b85ff32550dffca7ae6fc9088fJoin me in my efforts to promote the small businesses and dreams of my supporters. When you purchase one of their products or use their services you will feel good knowing that you are directly affecting the livelihood of the business owner and their families versus a corporation or company.

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