Stacy Ferro -Realtor

Stacy Ferro has been a realtor in Montgomery County and The Woodlands area for the past 20 years.

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She has been working in some form or fashion since she was the young age of  12.She prides herself on forming relationships with her clients and loves helping people turn “dreams into reality.”

Stacy sees herself as a “little bossy.” I see her as strong-willed and driven.

She has two kiddos. A 10 year old son and 15 year old daughter. Stacy’s husband is an awesome provider and supporter of all things Stacy and the kids.

The Ferro’s love traveling to new destinations whether via plane or their RV. Stacy enjoys listening to all types of music and loves working out. Her favorite thing to do however, is spend time with her family.

She strives to make at least one person feel good about them self daily. She reaches out to folks through social media and even a “good ole fashion phone call” every now and then.

I’ve had the honor of being on the receiving end of her caring and supportive personality. She is truly someone that you want in your corner. Stacy is one of a kind. My favorite attribute Stacy possesses is the ability to tell “it” like it is. A quality I feel is lacking in folks today.

If you are in need of a go-getter realtor who will treat you like family, Stacy is your gal.

“No one is YOU – and THAT is your superpower.” Stacy Ferro

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