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Alisha Finley is an 8th grade Science teacher with a “side hustle.” She lives in San Antonio, Texas with her two kiddos and Kevin, her husband of 18 years. unnamed (3)The genesis of her hustle began when her daughter got her braces off and started searching for a whitening toothpaste.  Obviously, mom and daughter were impressed with the product, being as Alisha now sells it. Not only does she sell it but she uses it as well.  She knows the product is effective due to the volume of repeat customers. She is also gaining new customers daily.

Alisha never saw herself being involved in direct sales of any kind. She truly believes in her product and is excited about introducing others to it. Being able to help people become more confident in their smile is a driving force behind her “hustle.” She also enjoys meeting new people.

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I’ve known Alisha for a while now. She and I taught across the hall from each other for several years. She has since moved several hours away but when we do get a chance to meet up, we don’t skip a beat. I love her like a sister. She’s just an all around great gal.


If you are looking for a way to safely whiten your teeth, give Alisha’s website a look.

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